[WriteLog] RECENT FILE LIST problem

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sat Jun 6 20:20:55 PDT 2009


Glad you figured it out!  Just one more thing to remember to check out the 
next time someone has a problem!

Gary AL9A

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> First - thanks to everyone that made suggestions.  I tried them all, but
> nothing worked.  Then, prior to doing a full reload  (didn't want to do
> that) I tried one more thing.  I shut down my CA virus software.  The 
> files
> in RECENT FILE LIST stayed there.  I then changed the MRU_LENGTH=4 to a
> value of 8.   I opened, searched, saved 4 more contest files.  They all
> stayed.   Then I re-enabled the CA Virus Software.  Everything was 
> deleted.
> OK - now what.  I was not going to run my computer w/o virus scanning.
> SOLUTION - The CA software has an advanced feature that will allow you to
> 'exclude' specific files from being scanned.  So, I set it up so that the
> Writelog.ini file would no longer be part of the REAL TIME protection and
> the SCAN process.
> I can't believe I put up with this for so long.   I started to run the CA
> software when I replaced all my computers in the house.... in January 
> 2008.
> Thanks again for the help and suggestions.  You all helped motivate me to
> keep working on the problem.
> 73,
> Bruce - N1LN
> (aka: NC4KW)
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