[WriteLog] WL & IC-706 setup for Field Day

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sat Jun 20 17:34:49 PDT 2009

WELL CALL ME STUPID!!  I found the answer in the WL archives immediately 
AFTER sending the missive below.  The IC-706 hex code is 48H and all 
versions of the 706 must be set to this code to work in WL.  I would like to 
thank the author of the solution for his time consuming and painstaking work 
in finding the solution.  That author would be ME, back in Oct. 2004!!! 
Getting old sure ain't pretty!

Gary AL9A

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> Spent the better part of a frustrating afternoon setting up a Field Day
> station in my RV.  Rig is an IC-706MKII and I'm using a new net book
> computer, the ASUS 1000HA.  WL installed ok and I think I have everything
> configured correctly, but Murphy spent the afternoon looking over my
> shoulder.
> The interface is a USB to 2 port serial adaptor, which WinXP has setup as
> Comm3 and Comm4.  Comm3 goes to a Rigblaster Plus, Comm4 to the radio via 
> a
> CT-17 Level Converter.  I'm planning on running a CW station and have
> receive working ok through the Rittyrite CW decoder.  Problem is I can't 
> get
> the radio and laptop to communicate.  The band map has no idea what band 
> or
> mode is set on the the radio.  I've checked and rechecked all the wiring
> hookups and can find nothing amiss.  I've used the IC-706MKII radio before
> with WL on my main desk station with a different computer when my main 
> radio
> was in the repair shop a couple of years ago, with virtually the same
> interface setup, so I know it works.
> I'm sure it's a configuration issue somewhere.  Just as I was throwing in
> the towel for the day I thought I heard Murphy whispering in my ear.  I
> haven't used the 706 for sometime and when I reviewed the operator manual 
> I
> discovered that the hex address in the radio was different than what the
> book default value is.  Without thinking I reset the radio to the default.
> Now, I'm thinking that was the bullet I put squarely into my foot!  The 
> list
> of radios in the WL Ports section shows IC-706, not IC-706MKII or
> IC-706MKIIG.  So now me thinks that a couple of years ago I changed the 
> hex
> address to what the original IC-706 hex code is as that is probably what 
> the
> WL rig interface is programmed with.  Problem is I don't remember what the
> hex setting was!  Anyone know what the hex address code is for the 
> original
> IC-706?  I suspect that if I change that setting in the radio the problem
> will be resolved.  HELP!!!
> 73,
> Gary AL9A
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