[WriteLog] Dual CW & Rig Control Cable

GARY ELLIOT k7ox at msn.com
Sat Oct 24 11:03:19 PDT 2009

Hello Group,

I purchased one of K1NU's dual cw & rig control cables and having problems with getting it to key my Radio a ICOM IC-761.  I am using XP as my operating system along with WriteLog version 10.53.

The cable is plugged into comm 2 and the cable reads the radio frequency just fine and changing bands the frequency follows  right along.  However, when I plug the 1/4" phone plug into my IC-761 KEY jack it keys the radio, unplugging the 1/4" plug from the radio and it goes back to normal in receive.

I have exchanged a couple of e-mails with K1NU and have failed to get the cable to work. He had me try some different settings that I normally wouldn't use such as in the port setup to "Comm PTT = NO" and "All mode PTT not checked" The results are the same as before.  He suggested that it might be a writelog ini issue.

One thing that is rather strange is that when I am in "Ports" setup in Writelog and I put a check mark in the CW field of comm 2 and then save the settings in save configuration and bring WL ports back up the little check mark I had put in for CW is gone, disappeared ?

Looking for someone who is using one of these dual cw and rig control cables and how you set it up in WL, especially what your ini looks like.  Appreciate any suggestions on getting this cable to work. Thanks

73 Gary K7OX

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