[WriteLog] CW number setup

Jerry Flanders jeflanders at comcast.net
Wed Sep 23 09:16:59 PDT 2009

The writelog.ini file REALLY needs to come with ALL options already 
listed (and with those not wanted in the standard installation 
commented out). If they were there, it would be pretty easy for a guy 
to change the comment status to enable them. Otherwise, he often has 
to guess about proper format and make repeated attempts to discover 
how to make it work. Don't ask how I discovered this wisdom.

Ed, search the help files - you might possibly discover the exact 
format for this command. I am not sure if order is important in the 
ini file - probably not. I am not sure if a [cut-number] header is 
important either. Just do what the rest of us do - guess and try.

Jerry W4UK

At 07:46 AM 9/23/2009, you wrote:
>Hello to all,
>I sent a email about a week ago asking about the CW display.  Gary, 
>AL9A,  was kind enough to provide an answer.  Thanks Gary!
>My new problem is this: when I set up the CW/RTTY/SSB Memory Setup 
>window, I type in %3 so that my sequence will be sent in a three 
>digit format.  The instructions in the WriteLog Manuals say that "T" 
>will be sent for "0" (zero).  However, my program sends "0" NOT 
>"T"  This makes a big difference in CW contesting.
>The manual states that "if the mode is CW, the digits are translated 
>to letters according to the [Cut-Numbers] section in 
>WRITELOG.INI."  When I go to the [Cut-Number] instructions of the 
>manual, it shows a table that says that 0 will be sent as 0 if "you 
>don't set up this section."  The manual states that the WriteLog.ini 
>file is in ASCII and is "directly editable."
>I have not been able to discover how to set up the [Cut-Number] 
>section of the WriteLog.ini file to send T for zero.  I haven't even 
>been able to find the [Cut-Number] section in the .ini file.
>Help? Anyone!
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