[WriteLog] FMRE Serial Number Pre-Fill

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Thu Feb 11 10:51:39 PST 2010

No, I did not have any pre-fill engaged.  What I referred to below was the
pre-fill that WriteLog does based on having worked the station previously in
the same log.

It wouldn't make sense to engage pre-fill for the FMRE because serial
numbers go into the same entry field as XE districts.

Ed - P49X
Muns Vineyard

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> Meant to reply to this earlier, but apparently deleted it 
> from my inbox before I could do that.  Were you doing the 
> Pre-Fill by importing adi file info from a previous contest?  
> If so, that may be the problem.  When setting up WL to hook 
> to the previous adi file and import the data a window pops up 
> asking you which fields you wish to import.  By default all 
> fields are selected, including the NR field.  Unless you 
> deselect that field the old serial number exchanges from the 
> previous contest will be imported and populated into the NR 
> field for the current contest.  Obviously this is not what is 
> desired.  Just be sure to examine those field names when 
> connecting to a previous log adi file and make sure you are 
> going to load only the fields you need.
> 73,
> Gary AL9A
> >In the FMRE yesterday, the exchange was pre-filled from the prior 
> >contact with a given station.  That is appropriate for the 
> XE District 
> >abbreviation, but not for the serial number.  Others tell me 
> that only 
> >the XE District abbreviation was pre-filled for them, not the serial 
> >number from non-XE stations.
> >
> >Furthermore, when I clicked in the new serial number, it 
> replaced the 
> >call sign, not the incorrect serial number.  This was using 
> 10.75N with 
> >the latest FMRE contest plug-in.
> >
> >Is there a configuration parameter that I have set wrong?
> >
> >Ed - W0YK
> > 
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