[WriteLog] Correction: WriteLog + 75 Baud

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sun Jun 6 09:55:44 PDT 2010

Outstanding Don!  I just tried it with WL V10.76H, the MMTTY plug-in and my 
MicroKEYER II and it works FB.  I don't even have your transistor FSK 
interface as the MK II provides all the interfacing from a USB connection. 
No legacy serial port needed!

Gary AL9A

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Subject: [WriteLog] Correction: WriteLog + 75 Baud

> WriteLog DOES transmit FSK and AFSK 75 Baud RTTY using the MMTTY plug-in 
> for WriteLog.
> However, it doesn't work as you normally think it would.  In my testing, I 
> brought up my normal RTTY setup using the MMTTY plug-in
> at 45 baud.  I then attempted to change the baud rate by going to the 
> "Mode" menu in Rttyrite and selecting "75 baud (100 WPM)
> Baudot".  When I transmitted, the rate remained at 45 baud.
> In order to change from 45 to 75 baud transmission, I had to go to the 
> "Option" menu in the MMTTY RTTY Control panel and select
> "Setup(O)".  In Setup, I had to go to the Decode tab and change BaudRate 
> to 75.
> I was then able to transmit 75 baud RTTY using WriteLog and the MMTTY 
> plug-in to WriteLog.  This worked with my simple transistor
> FSK interface and my microHAM microKEYER.
> I working on a web page on this subject.  I will announce it when it's 
> finished.
> 73, Don AA5AU
> http://www.aa5au.com
> http://www.rttycontesting.com
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