[WriteLog] Module for WRTC 2010 Participants

W. Wright, W5XD w5xd at writelog.com
Mon Jun 7 16:34:11 PDT 2010

WRTC2010 participants:
Following up on my previous post:

I have updated the module and posted the new one here:

There are only cosmetic changes, and only regarding the handling of the IARU
officials AC,R1,R2,R3. You only need to install this update if you want
those officials to show up as Hq stations instead of as separately in the
multiplier display.

1. You must uninstall Wrtc2010_1077c.msi first. 
2. Download the above link, right click it, and Install.
3. If you want the new behavior, you must find and edit the file it
installed, WRTC2010.INI in the programs directory. In that file, remove the
four lines corresponding to AC,R1,R2,R3.

Now when you run the module, the Iaru column in Band Summary is the last to
the right and, if you removed the entries from WRTC2010.INI, then they will
always be zero (so you may size the Band Summary window smaller.) And there
will be no Iaru Officials page of multipliers. AC,R1,R2,R3 will show up in
the Hq page.

Wayne, W5XD

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