[WriteLog] Fw: changing computers, correcting 1 screen problem.

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Mon Mar 1 18:10:13 PST 2010


Try dragging the supercheck partial window off the WL desktop and onto the 
Windows desktop.  This undocks it from the main WL desktop. Once onto the 
Windows desktop the frame changes to a standard windows type.  Try resizing 
it there with the corner handles.  If it resizes correctly then drag it back 
to the WL desktop and dock it back into position.

Gary AL9A

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> I do need to correct one thing however.  My supercheck partial is now a 
> single line window instead of a large multi column window.  I know I hit 
> some button but I don't know what.  I tried picking up a corner to stretch 
> the window out again, but no good.  Can anyone help?
> Rusty,  na5tr
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