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Bill K2OWR k2owr at comcast.net
Wed Mar 24 13:22:55 PDT 2010

:::: I'm still a little baffled by your question. This is a Writelog contest software reflector.
How does your question relate to Writelog software and contesting?

There may be other software applications to accomplish your needs.
For instance, Ham Radio Deluxe is an amazing suite of radio applications that you may be able to utilize for all your non contest needs.

Anybody else able to help here?


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Example 1:  If I you have voice memory on the radio (VM1TX) you can use that as the DVK instead of recording wave files and having to use an audio interface box. (Think of Field Day, or operating in a remote location and eliminating bringing extra stuff that needs to interfaced.)

Example 2: A lot radios can send CW via the KY command (Kenwood, Yaesu, Flexradio, etc.)   As much as I love my K1EL keyer there are times when I don't want to bring all kinds of additional boxes and cables when I operate.

At my QTH I have multiple rigs with full integration with plenty of black boxes+ cables. When my sons and I go camping or go out of town and want to operate it is nice to have a more minimal configuration if most of that functionality is already integrated into the "go radio." There is something nice about grabbing the Netbook, a rig, and an "antenna in box" and hitting the road. (I don't want to feel like an IT guy everywhere that I go.)

Can we put a CAT command into the Macro memory positions?

On Wed, 2010-03-24 at 13:54 -0400, Bill K2OWR wrote: 
:::: Not sure what you mean by CAT commands?
Wirtelog uses the F2,F3,F4 keys to send the wav files to the pc audio output 
jacks as you know (?)
And similarly to send the CW memories.
All that else that WL uses the CAT functions for are rig control fx and PTT.

What other commands are you looking to have?

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> Is there a way to send CAT commands via the macros?
> Examples:
> -- In SSB mode:  Hit F4 to send VM1TX (Voice Memory 1 Transmit)
> -- In CW mode: Hit F9 to send KY 5NN MN
> Some of the radios are exposing a lot of functionality via the CAT
> commands but I am not clear how to use that with macros within Writelog.
> I have been searching the Archives without much success.

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