[WriteLog] CAT commands

John Hoaglun john at hoaglun.com
Wed Mar 24 14:11:04 PDT 2010

I use Writelog for contests and operating events like Field Day and have
been for many years. (I am getting the feeling from the emails that
people don't operate away from their shack.)

Look at scenario A & B:

A: Netbook+Radio+serial_cable 
(good portable station)

B: Netbook+Radio+serial_cable+K1EL_keyer+USB_Cable+Rig_blaster
(not very portable... replace the netbook with a fullsize pc and it is a
home station)

My Question: 
Can Writelog send CAT commands via the F key macros? 

(This has been asked in the archives before but I can't find examples of
where it has been answered)  Sending CW messages via the "KY" cat
command would be the most likely topic as quite a few radios can do

There are occasions were I want to operate some contests in a more
minimal configuration depending on the effort level and out of town
family commitments. Sometimes you don't need all the "stuff" to put a
bunch of Q's into the log.  :-)

73 de NG0R

On Wed, 2010-03-24 at 16:22 -0400, Bill K2OWR wrote:

> :::: I'm still a little baffled by your question. This is a Writelog
> contest software reflector.
> How does your question relate to Writelog software and contesting?
> There may be other software applications to accomplish your needs.
> For instance, Ham Radio Deluxe is an amazing suite of radio
> applications that you may be able to utilize for all your non contest
> needs.
> Anybody else able to help here?

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