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Bob Garceau rgarceau at snet.net
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Good point Jim.

The only different that I did was use 4800b instead of 38400

Here's the post:
Hi Bob:

Here are my settings which work just fine. If you have a SteppIR antenna
which also requires comms to the K3, you will need a Y cable from SteppIR in
order to link the K3 to both your PC and the SteppIR.

In WriteLog

Port Setup
I use COM 1
I have CW checked
Rig type = K2
Baud rate = 38400
I have Poll checked
Comm PTT = No
Further down, I have All mode PTT on CW port checked

>From Port Setup, press the CW PTT button CW PTT SETUP I have None (e.g. QSK)

On the K3

These are just my settings which work perfectly. I have to turn on the K3
VOX or QSK. Other settings might also work just fine.

I can send you screen snapshots if any of the above is unclear.

Good luck & 73
Mike K2MK

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So what was the solution?  I didn't see any posted to the reflector
(except a baud rates suggestion by W0YK).  That way if someone else
has the same problem, and you post the answer to the reflector,
searching the reflector archives may turn up a solution for that

73 - Jim AD1C

On Sat, May 1, 2010 at 1:29 PM, Bob Garceau <rgarceau at snet.net> wrote:

> Got it working. Thanks to the guys who responded.
> Bob, W1EQ

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