[WriteLog] FSK in MMTTY Plug-in on COM1 != MMTTY v1.66G standalone

Larry 'Rebar' Rebarchik - N6CCH rebar at hamilton.com
Fri May 7 11:10:47 PDT 2010

I've begun to get some more features sorted out with my K3 and have
discovered that the MMTTY Plug-in for WL does not have the ability to
select SOUND-COM when working in a FSK setup, the last two radio buttons
are grey'd out in the setup control panel under WL when running MMTTY

Has anyone else discovered this, or am I missing some special selections
in my configuration to make this work?

I have a laptop docked with Rig Control on COM9 via USB/Serial and FSK on
COM1 via <http://www.w3yy.com> FSK/CW interface box

The WL/PC generated CW is working just fine, however, I cannot seem to get
the RTTY signals to the K3 rig.

MMTTY v1.66G in standalone mode keys the rig just fine.

73 de N6CCH aka Rebar

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