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Jim Rhodes jimk0xu at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 21:18:07 PST 2011

I second Ed, I use an Edgeport-8 at home and a 4 with my laptop for
portable ops. Take some time to shop around on eBay and you should be able
to find some kind of deal. They are currently going for a little more than
they were a few years ago, but the are still worth it.

Jim K0XU Sent from my Xoom tablet
On Nov 19, 2011 10:24 PM, "Ed Muns" <w0yk at msn.com> wrote:

> I use the Edgeport/4 which is an industrial-grade adapter retailing for
> over
> $300, but surplus on eBay for around $30.  It has 4 Serial ports and has
> been flawless in CW, RTTY, rig control, TNC control.  I've used it with
> Windows XP and Windows 7.  It is bullet-proof.
> There are a number of other single-Serial port adapters in the $20-30 range
> that have proven solid as well.  Search this reflector archive and the RTTY
> reflector archive for specific recommendations.
> Ed - W0YK
> Mike, K0MWM, wrote:
> > What is a KNOWN USB to Serial Adapter that works with
> > WriteLog. I have tried two-one known for it's problems
> > (TrendNet that uses the Prolific Chipset you have said NOT to
> > use) and another from IO Gear. My problems is none of the
> > manufacturers are listing what chipsets are inside. You said
> > to get the FTDI Chipset. Even calling their tech support
> > people is worthless. They have never heard the word chipset
> > before. Suggestions? The problem is my computer says there is
> > "No Rig" even when configures for Comm Port 15-the one the
> > adapter says is the correct one.
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