[WriteLog] More 10-Meter RTTY questions

Alan Marshall acmd at rcn.com
Tue Nov 29 14:26:01 PST 2011


That might have been the case but it is NOT.  I am running fsk from dtr on 
com3 for the data and am set for fsk.  I will try the lsb checkbox and see 
if that does anything.

well that didn't do anything.  It was already checked.  So settings are:

Port:com3 with software generated FSK TXD.
Mode: 45-baud (60 WPM) Baudot.
TU type: Sound Board FSK

Data that I click on goes into the entry window normally.  I did run the 
ARRL RTTY roundup with those settings and it worked fine except for that one 
issue that the function keys do not put data into the alt-k buffer so I have 
to manually type stuff if I have that window open.  So I usually close it 
and hit the function keys needed then open the alt-k window again resulting 
in a break in carrier each time I change modes.

BTW I AM using Rttyrite.  Is there something that needs to go into 
writelog.ini for it??

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The only thing I can think of is perhaps you are running AFSK and did not 
set WriteLog for "LSB is really FSK". So if your radio is in the LSB mode 
and you are running AFSK, then WL thinks you are running a PHONE contest. By 
enabling "LSB is really FSK", WL will know you are running RTTY and not 
PHONE. Everything you need to know about "LSB is really FSK" can be found 


If this isn't the problem, let us know and we'll check other things.

73, Don AA5AU

> From: Alan Marshall <acm at ultranet.com>
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>Subject: [WriteLog] More 10-Meter RTTY questions
>I have an issue that is surely my ignorance. In Writelog with the focus on
>the call entry window, hitting alt-k brings up idle signals on my 
>BUT the function keys do nothing from here. I can type in normally and all
>is sent as typed. BUT the function registers are not feeding that window as
>they do in CW. What am I missing to make that work??
> -Alan, W1CCE
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