[WriteLog] How can I change mults to match latest country file?

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Wed Nov 30 21:21:19 PST 2011


It sounds like WL only hunts up the country file info on initial entry of a 
call.  Try this gimmick.  Edit the E51MAN calls with South Cooks  to 
something completely different, say JA5MAN and see if WL changes the country 
to JA.  If so, edit the call again back to E51MAN and see if WL now comes up 
with North Cooks.  If not you may have to can this log and reimport the ADIF 
file again.

Gary AL9A

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Subject: [WriteLog] How can I change mults to match latest country file?

> Hi Folks,
> First off, I know that the Cabrillo file doesn't contain mults, so for
> that purpose, what I want to do is not needed.
> I imported an ADIF file into WriteLog for the purposes of scoring the
> contest/generating a Cabrillo log (for someone else).  After doing
> this, I realized I was using an old country file, because E51MAN came
> up as South Cooks instead of North Cooks.
> I exited DX4WIN, then ran "Convert CTY to WriteLog", downloading and
> converting the latest country file.  When I restarted WriteLog, if I
> try to log E51MAN, it correctly comes up as North Cooks, but the two
> QSOs in my log still say South Cooks.  I tried Contest | Recalculate
> Score but nothing changed.
> Does WriteLog have an automated way to correct all the countries in a
> log based on the currently-loaded country file?
> As a last resort, I could just delete all the QSOs in the log and
> import the ADIF file again. But surely there must be a better way to
> do this.
> Thanks - Jim
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