[WriteLog] 60 meters shows as 80 meters in WriteLog export files

K2MK k2mk at comcast.net
Sun Mar 11 14:08:16 PDT 2012

I'm using WriteLog 10.84D and I noticed that 60 meter QSOs are tagged as 80 
meters in both the TQSL and the ADIF export files. (I use WriteLog for 
general logging as well as contesting). The frequency is correct but the 
band is not. I had previously added the 60 meter channels to the band map 
using the Edit Sub Band application but that doesn't seem to have an effect 
on the export files.

The result is that when trying to confirm QSOs with LoTW it tags the QSO as 
an 80 meter QSO. Editing the frequency on the WriteLog data entry line 
doesn't help because only the frequency is listed, not the band. In order to 
correct the problem I have used an ADIF text editor to correct the 
information and uploaded the new file to LoTW. This adds duplicate QSOs to 
LoTW with the correct band. The QSL confirmations are then properly matched.

Anyone know of a fix?

Mike K2MK 

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