[WriteLog] Server Busy message

Gordon LaPoint gordon.lapoint at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 03:10:03 PDT 2012

    I run V11.02A and also occasionally see the same problem.  I don't usually get it on 
start up, but have once or twice.   I run SO2V with a k3 and get it more often than when 
I am running just So1R  without the second rtty window.
   I have had the server busy error message for at least the last 5 versions, all running 
on Win7 Home premium.

Thanks for all the qso's!!

Gordon - N1MGO

On 13 Mar 2012 at 10:40, Gary AL9A wrote:

> Since upgrading to V11.01B I have been seeing the Server Busy error message 
> more frequently.  Specifically, it now seems that every time I start WL for 
> the first time after starting my computer I get the Server Busy message. 
> The program seems to start correctly and I get the list of previous contests 
> displayed.  But when I click on a previous contest or choose to start a new 
> log the error message window pops up.  None of the buttons on the error 
> window will do anything to correct the situation.  I must start Task Manager 
> and stop the Server Busy program.  Then when I restart WL a second time it 
> works correctly.
> I've run a utility program against my registration file, Vista Home Premium, 
> and cleaned up dead wood and defraged the file.  No change.  Today I 
> upgraded from V11.01F to V11.02B, again with no change.  I've queried the 
> reflector about this before and received no reply.  So once again, is anyone 
> else seeing this behavior?  Is it something in the newest WL versions or 
> something with my OS?  Any help appreciated
> 73,
> Gary AL9A
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