[WriteLog] Windows 7 Audio Delay?

Randy Thompson K5ZD k5zd at charter.net
Sun Mar 18 05:27:36 PDT 2012

Here is something I found on a message board that seemed to work.

Right click the speaker icon (on windows 7) on the task bar then left click
on "recording devices". Right click on the microphone and left click on
properties. Go to the "listen" tab and make sure the "listen to this device"
check box is unchecked. 

Close the microphone properties window. The "sound" window should still be
open. Go to "playback" tab, right click on speakers and left click on
properties. Then click on the "levels" tab. You should see a microphone
section with its playback volume muted. Unmute it and increase or decrease
the playback volume as desired. There should be no noticeable delay when you
speak into the microphone now. :)

I had a lot of problems when I first started, but once you find the magic
combination it will work with only a slight delay.  I am using the internal
sound card for the mic input and a second sound card for the audio output.

The only bad thing now is that you can't record and transmit at the same

Randy, K5ZD

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> Has anyone using Windows 7 experienced and then fixed the annoying delay
> between speaking into the mic and getting sound out of the sound card to
> drive a tx? It's totally unacceptable for contesting, forcing me to record
> messages before a contest and then connect the mic directly to the rigs
> rather than through the PC. I suspect many don't have the problem because
> they serendipitously have the right combination of magic settings. But
> maybe someone had the problem and figured it out. Please enlighten me! I
> know it's possible because karaoke programs do the same thing. But I
> haven't been able to get real-time audio through the system.
> Thanks,
> /Rick N6XI
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