[WriteLog] 7th Call Area module slowness

K2MK k2mk at comcast.net
Sat May 5 07:56:04 PDT 2012

I am bouncing between the ARI International contest and the 7th Call Area 
contest. The ARI module is working perfectly but the 7th Call Area has 
delayed operations. For example, typing in a field does not produce visible 
keystrokes on the screen for a second and pressing an F key for a message 
results in the message being sent a second later. Other functions are also 
slow such as hitting the space bar to change fields and clicking on a spot 
in the band map.

If I close the 7th Call Area contest and open the ARI contest everything is 
again instantaneous. Going back to the 7th Call Area results in slowness 

I've also restarted my PC and closed out all other apps. Same results. I'm 
running 10.84d on Vista and never had any problems like this before.

Mike K2MK 

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