[WriteLog] New Ontairio Sections

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Thu Nov 1 05:04:29 EDT 2012

The Sweepstakes contest works fine after a data update to WriteLog.  That
is, the ON section generates a ? in the log and 'XXXX' in the Cabrillo file.
The four new Ontario section abbreviations are accepted OK.

However, the ARRL Section drop-down menu in the Cabrillo creation window
still lists Ontario and not the four new sections.  Thus, for VE3 logs, the
ARRL-SECTION: line of the Cabrillo header will say ON and will need to be
manually edited with a text editor to the appropriate new section
abbreviation.  This affects Cabrillo files in all contests for VE3

Steve/Wayne, I assume this is on the "To Do" list for a future version?  


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