[WriteLog] WKUSB & WriteLog

Noel Zeibari n3nz at n3nz.com
Thu Nov 1 09:58:38 EDT 2012

Hi All,

I assembled WKUSB few months ago, it is working flawlessly with MixW, DX4Win, N1MM and 
N3FJP programs, the setup is intuitive no problems at all. However, with WL I've been struggling
getting it to send canned CW, every time I push a button it sputters incoherent gibberish.

Here is my setup:
Rig is a Yeasu 897D
Cat is on USB Com 7
WKUSB on USB Com 8

In WL CWPTT, tried On LPT, None [e.g. QSK], Command rig on Com port= Same results.
I searched the archives for help, none helped.

Can some one help me? What else I can change in the .ini file to get it going?
I 've been using WL since 1997 with the simple CW interface cable, I just don't want to 
go back to it.

73, Noel (OM) N3NZ    

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