[WriteLog] WAE RTTY - Managing QTCs

(K7ZO) Scott Tuthill k7zo at cableone.net
Wed Nov 7 19:23:54 EST 2012

Am planning to operate in WAE RTTY this weekend, first time ever. Trying to 
sort out the whole QTC thing and WriteLog. (I am sure I am not the first to 
ask these questions sorry.) Using V 11.07.

According to the rules I can send and receive QTCs with anyone as long as 
they are on another continent and the sum total of sent + received QTCs is 
10 or less. Let's say I work DL2XYZ and then send 6 QTCs to him. These show 
up in Writelog as 6 QTCs and the QTC-1 thru QTC-6 fields in the log window 
show the 6 QTCs I sent. Then let's say I receive 3 QTCs back from DL2XYZ. If 
I do this Writelog seems to overwrite the prior sent QTCs: The 6 QTC points 
disappear from the Band Summary Window and are replaced with 3 and the six 
records of the sent QTCs in the  QTC-1 thru QTC-6 fields are replaced with 
the 3 received QTCs.  It does show 6 sent QTCs in the Tx-Qtc field and 3 in 
the Rx-Qtc but all record of the sent QTC's is lost. How do you send and 
receive QTCs with the same station?

Thanks for the advice.


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