[WriteLog] WAE RTTY - Managing QTCs

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Wed Nov 7 20:38:35 EST 2012


I don't see this problem at all with the sample test I just ran.  I sent 6 
QTCs (ALT+S) to DL4AC and they logged correctly.  I entered a few more dummy 
calls then entered DL4AC again, which showed up as a dupe as it should.  The 
Tx-QTC field showed 4 more QTCs available, but I selected ALT+R to receive 
his QTCs.  I manually entered 4 dummy QTCs received and then clicked on OK. 
WriteLog wrote those additional 4 QTCs to the second instance of the DL4AC 

Did you use the Receive QTC window (ALT+R) when you received QTCs?  When you 
received your QTCs did you give them a packet number and count?  It all 
works ok here.

Gary AL9A

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> Am planning to operate in WAE RTTY this weekend, first time ever. Trying 
> to sort out the whole QTC thing and WriteLog. (I am sure I am not the 
> first to ask these questions sorry.) Using V 11.07.
> According to the rules I can send and receive QTCs with anyone as long as 
> they are on another continent and the sum total of sent + received QTCs is 
> 10 or less. Let's say I work DL2XYZ and then send 6 QTCs to him. These 
> show up in Writelog as 6 QTCs and the QTC-1 thru QTC-6 fields in the log 
> window show the 6 QTCs I sent. Then let's say I receive 3 QTCs back from 
> DL2XYZ. If I do this Writelog seems to overwrite the prior sent QTCs: The 
> 6 QTC points disappear from the Band Summary Window and are replaced with 
> 3 and the six records of the sent QTCs in the  QTC-1 thru QTC-6 fields are 
> replaced with the 3 received QTCs.  It does show 6 sent QTCs in the Tx-Qtc 
> field and 3 in the Rx-Qtc but all record of the sent QTC's is lost. How do 
> you send and receive QTCs with the same station?
> Thanks for the advice.
> Scott/K7ZO
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