[WriteLog] Sending QTC Fills in WAE RTTY

Mike mikek4gmh at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 13:09:58 EST 2012

Couple of items I found that impacted the use of WL for QTCs in RTTY are:

WL should send "10" instead of the "0" that is now sent when asking for a
fill for the tenth QTC.  Sending the "0" is too confusing to someone who
doesn't use WL.  Had to do an ALT-K and type in "10"  several times to get
the correct information.   All other S/W contest programs send "10" when
asking for a fill for the tenth QTC.

Also, the received QSO serial number ended up missing in the Log from
several completed QSOs which occurred after sending and receiving QTCs.
This happens when the QSO serial number isn't put in the Contact Entry line
before starting to either receive or send the QTCs.  Then when you finish
sending or receiving QTCs by hitting the OK button on the QTC window, the
Contact Entry information is transferred to the log without the QSO serial
number.  In a non-QTC QSO the Contact Entry information cannot be
transferred to the Log unless the required information, QSO serial number
is a piece of required information, has been entered properly on the
Contact Entry line.  An error message (in red) is written in the Contact
Entry window informing you why the QSO wasn't sent to the Log.  Seems when
the QTC window OK button is hit, WL S/W bypasses the required information
check and send the incomplete "required" Contact Entry information onto the
Log.  Now, you have to do a Log edit to put the QSO serial number in the

  Mike, K4GMH

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 7:46 AM, Paul VA3PC <va3pc at ciinet.org> wrote:

> I had several bits of wierdness myself, but put it down to having the
> wrong window selected prior to hitting the number, or alt-number as the
> case may be.
> I also had the QTC window hide behind another window when I inadvertently
> clicked where I shouldn't.
> Too bad the contest only happens once a year - we get a chance to forget
> before the next running.
> 73 Paul, VA3PC
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