[WriteLog] Mystery

Jay WS7I ws7ik7tj at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 13:15:24 EST 2012

Writelog current version  11.0x.  XP. Five serial ports.

Icom 706Mk2g

Radio control.

Wonder if anyone has run into this and might have a solution. Writelog 
works fine at 19200,n,8,2 with the proper stuff in the [RIGS] Secton.  
Writelog won't work on Com 3, 4, 5, 6 which are a multi-port Comtrol 
board. Using the same settings or anyother settings.  But the kicker is 
that Ham Radio Deluxe and other control programs not Writelog work fine 
on 3,4,5,6 at the same settings as above.

Odd thing is on another computer I use Com 3 with my FT-1000D on the 
same control 4-port board and it works just fine.

Any ideas ?

Jay WS7I

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