[WriteLog] Bug in COQP Module?

DickT-W0RAA dickt at w0raa.com
Sun Sep 2 14:14:39 EDT 2012

During the COQP (Colorado QSO Party) this weekend, I noticed a real problem
with the COQP Module for the contest.

The rules stated that a DX station give their Name & DXCC Prefix in lieu of 
Name & S/P.

When I worked a DX Station (i.e. KP2) I entered the name I was given and
then entered KP2.  WL refused to accept it.  I found the same thing with a
K6 that was in XE2 land.  I logged his name and XE and again, WL refused to
accept it.  There were a couple others that had the same results.  I am 
Ver 11.02B of Writelog.  As a result of this I was not able to claim the 

Is there a different module for this contest or was there a possibility that 
I may
have been causing the problem with an incorrect setting?  Any 
will be appreciated.



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