[WriteLog] WAE Contest module bug

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Mon Sep 3 21:27:52 EDT 2012

I'm setting up WL for the WAE SSB contest next weekend and have noticed there is still a bug in the Send QTC dialog that I mentioned last year and still is not fixed.

The special WAE instructions in the Help manual states that in the Send QTC Dialog, "The Xmit QTCs button transmits the group/count, followed by each of the QTC messages, followed by the SHIFT+F10 message."  Also, "The QSL? button transmits the SHIFT+F10 message."  The actions described for the SHIFT+F10 key (<msg20.wav>) in both of these passages is incorrect.  What actually happens is the message stored at SHIFT+F1&F11 (<msg21.wav>) is being sent instead of the SHIFT+F10 message.

This seems like a relatively minor bug in the module that should be correctable with minimal effort.  Any chance this could be fixed by this weekend?

Gary AL9A

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