[WriteLog] CW decoding

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Fri Dec 27 21:11:11 EST 2013


You don't mention it, but what kind of CW decoding are you trying to 
accomplish?  The standard decoding through the Rttyrite window or the 
multi-channel decoder found at Setup/CW Decoder...?  The simpler one is to 
use the Rttyrite window.

Go to Setup/Ports and identify a COM port to be used for CW.  It cannot be 
the one used for rig control so you need at least two different COM ports. 
Check the appropriate COM port in the CW column and leave the Rig Type set 
to No Rig and the other settings at the defaults.  In the CW keyer type drop 
box select either a supported external keyer or PC generates.  Of course 
this only affects sending, not receiving.  The PC generates is a poor choice 
under Windows because of background system interference that can 
periodically lead to stuttering when sending from a memory buffer.  Use it 
if you have no other keyer option.

To receive CW g0o to Window/RTTY Window.  It's a bit confusing because the 
"RTTY Window" opens Rttyrite which can be used for either CW or RTTY.  On 
the Rttyrite window menu bar select Port and select None - you don't need a 
COM port to receive CW, only to send.  The click on the Mode item and select 
CW.  Now go to the TU type item and select Sound Board AFSK.  The screen 
will probably start to fill with random gibberish characters.  You should 
also now see the small WriteLog CW Receiver window open.  You can use the 
min and max settings to set the range of CW speeds to decode - I use 20 and 

Now tune around the CW portion of the band and see if you can decode a good 
signal.  If you have the Super Check Partial setup calls within that file 
should be highlighted in either green or yellow, indicating a good call or a 
mult.  That's pretty much it for CW setup.  Good luck.

Gary AL9A

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I have tried a few times to try and decode CW with Writelog but without much
success.  A few years ago I tried it using a PK-232 and it was fairly
accurate but with the computer sound cards I don't have much luck.

My reason for this posting and request is a friend is wanting to try and
decode and send with Writelog and I am not sure how to advise him.  I opened
my big mouth and said it would do it and now I need to prove it.  So you CW
guys out there I need to know what is the best hardware to use for this.

Any help in making me look good would be appreciated.


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