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Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
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I'm running Vista, not Win7, but in the newer Windows versions the Super 
Check Partial dta files go into a Program Data folder, not the WL Program 
folder.  Mine is at C:\ProgramData\WriteLog.  Lots of other stuff besides 
the dta files goes there as well.  I rarely use the WL webupdate option as 
that is often not current with the latest dta files being released.  Instead 
I go directly to http://supercheckpartial.com/ and download them myself into 
my Downloads folder then copy and paste them into C:\ProgramData\WriteLog.

As a side note the masterrtty.dta file currently on the Super Check Partial 
site, dated 11/14/13, is the final one for RTTY only ops.  Starting in 2014 
that file is phased out and users should use the master.dta file in its 

Gary AL9A

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I have read all the writelog help and searched the archives and tried my
best with WIN7 but I don't find where the webupdate files go?  When you
do a webupdate under files in Writelog in WIN7 where do these files go?
I am fairly new to WIN7.  With XP they go to the program folder. For
example mastertty.dta goes to the program file. In WIN7 I don't find
mastertty.dta or any of the other so called files shown in webupdate, ie
a do the download and click OK to update all the blue(highlighted) files
into Writelog but they don't show up in the program files.  I do a
search for them with
WIN7 and I get a not found.

I must not understand something about WIN7?

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