[WriteLog] SO2R audio switching option from keyboard ??

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Fri Jul 5 21:24:29 EDT 2013


In looking at the WriteLog Keyboard Shortcuts commands it appears there are 
several related to headphone switching.


In the WL Help manual click on Index and then type in "rad" and the Index 
will show the various Help topics for these commands.

Gary AL9A

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I've finally got the station back into operational condition again. Have
not been able to move the hills to my east, but other than that, stuff
I'm playing with SO2R (again) and I think I've finally got the
filters/stubs playing well enough .. with some exceptions.

I'm using a microHAM MK2R box for control.  WL has the ability to switch
headphone audio between R1 only, R2 only, or both.
What I want is to control those switches directly from the keyboard ..
mapping them to some unused keys like [  ] \  or maybe some other
combination.  Unfortunately, I don't know the WL commands to do that.  Are
there any?  I do NOT like the split/normal function in WL or the 'reverse
toggle' since they follow the TX focus window in some fashion, and mute the
TX side tone. I want direct and absolute control, just like pushing the
button on the MK2R box.  Is there a way to do that?  Allowing WL to think
for me usually winds up with a QLF problem. Saving a keystroke here or
there is not a viable solution. I can type just fine, thank you.

Thanks,  & 73, Alan  AD6E
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