[WriteLog] SO2R audio switching option from keyboard ??

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Well said Joe.

I have had an MK2R+ from pretty soon after they became available and have
used it extensively in both SSB and RTTY SO2R environment with Writelog. I
make use of the buttons on the box fairly exensivelyas needs and conditions
change in the contest. Ideally I'd like to have the MK2R+ right above the
keyboard but for various reasons it is placed above the radios and just in
front of my two computer monitors.

In my way of thinking I am using my hands to tune either one or both radios
and make various adjustments - width, shift, notch etc, so hitting one or
two more buttons to change around my headphones is neither here nor there.

Before owning the MK2R+ I owned a couple other SO2R boxes including the
K5XD box dedicated to Writelog and there is no doubt in my mind that its
SO2R implementation is well thought out most logical with nearly every
scenario an op could want, made available either directly or via
"programming" in the set-up screens within router.

In SO2R I don't think there is a one-size fits all mantra either in
software or hardware and it would be unreasonable to expect the software
folks to provide every hardware feature within its environment or for the
hardware folks to either be limited by the software limitations or not to
push the envelope in terms of what they can accomplish from their own

The writelog/MK2R+ solution is a great starting point for SO2R but the rest
is operating skill and getting to know the horizons and limits of the

Just my 2 pesos worth.

Dean - 8P6SH

On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 3:14 PM, Joe Subich, W4TV <lists at subich.com> wrote:

> You are asking a question for which there is no simple answer.
> The solution depends on -
>   your understanding of your transceiver:
>     (is SSB monitor and CW QSK generated in the left ear, right ear
>      or both),
>   MK2R+:
>     MK2R+ has eight audio switching states - 1) in receive with focus
>       on Radio 1, 2) in receive with focus on Radio 2, 3) computer
>       transmit (stored messages) with RX focus on radio 1,  4) computer
>       transmit with RX focus on radio 2,  5) transmitting manually (PTT
>       footswitch, or paddles) with RX focus on radio 1, 6) transmitting
>       manually with RX focus on Radio 2, 7) "Stereo" and 8) "Fixed"
>       ("auto" OFF).
>     The audio routing for each of those states is defined in microHAM
>     Router (Functions tab) and optionally stored in one of the eight
>     "functions" memories in MK2R+
>     MK2R+ can also be commanded to arbitrary audio routing by commands
>     within the protocol if the software can send an arbitrary string to
>     the SO2R control port.
>   Your understanding of WriteLog:
>      WriteLog generally has three states - 1) RX focus on Radio 1,
>      2) RX Focus on radio 2, and 3) "Stereo" - with optional "latch"
>      (switch to opposite rig during transmit).  Does WriteLog allow
>      for arbitrary SO2R control strings?
> In general, you need to first determine where the audio is coming from
> (monitor/sidetone), then decide what you want to hear in each of the
> first seven MK2R+ "states", configure each of those states using the
> "Functions tab", save that configuration to MK2R+ to make it active,
> and enable the "Stereo" toggle in WriteLog.
> All the information on configuring MK2R+ is in the User Manual.
> microHAM Router ships with an example "Scenarios" file installed
> in the configuration directory that can be loaded (Load ALL from
> file) to provide a starting point for experimentation.
> Audio switching is uniquely individual - nobody can give you a "do it
> this way" recipe that will be appropriate for your station and your
> personal operating style (particularly since operating styles tend to
> change with changing band conditions).
> 73,
>    ... Joe, W4TV
> On 7/6/2013 1:50 PM, Alan Maenchen wrote:
>> I didn't make my goal clear.  What I want, but can't get, is to have
>> independent RX audio switching from the keyboard.  By independent, I mean
>> no RX audio switching just because TX focus changes.
>> The microHAM box has front panel buttons that do this nicely. I simply
>> want
>> those buttons moved to the keyboard so I don't have to keep reaching up to
>> push a button.  As a perpetual SO2R novice, I would do that a lot (switch
>> RX focus) even though TX focus is not switching. However, with the manual
>> method, I more often than not abandon SO2R because pushing the buttons is
>> not quick/easy.
>> What happens in WL:
>> 1)  TX monitor is muted regardless of RX or TX focus. Thus, I can't send
>> by
>> hand key (CW) without QLF problems.
>>       I can't hear either radio when transmitting.  Both earphones are
>> blanked.
>>       This only happens in AUTO (microHAM) mode when WL has control of the
>> RX audio switching.
>> 2)  If TX focus is on R1, I cannot get both ears on R1 regardless of what
>> headphone function is active in WL.
>>       There are too many times I simply want to concentrate on R1 and not
>> have R2 in one ear. So, a quick and easy keystroke to focus RX independent
>> of TX focus is the desire. Otherwise, split headphones is the normal...
>> regardless of TX focus.
>> I understand the Setup/Keyboard shortcuts thing. That works fine, and is
>> greatly appreciated. However, none of the headphone switching options seem
>> to do what I want.
>> It may be that part (or all) of this problem is within the microHAM
>> software.  I've tried some variations of that setup, but have not found
>> anything that works the way I'd like.  The number of combinations of WL
>> choices and microHAM selections seems infinite.  That said, the
>> description
>> of how WL switches audio is not what I'm after.  What I'd like to see are
>> selections of:
>> headphones split   (and allow CW monitoring in the TX focus radio while
>> transmitting.)
>> headphones on R1  (regardless of TX focus)
>> headphones on R2  (regardless of TX focus)
>> That would make life so simple...
>> BTW, I'm a little behind the curve with WL 11.08B but don't think the
>> latest is any different in this aspect.
>> 73, Alan  AD6E
>> Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2013 17:24:29 -0800
>>> From: "Gary AL9A" <al9a at mtaonline.net>
>>> To: <writelog at contesting.com>
>>> Subject: Re: [WriteLog] SO2R audio switching option from keyboard ??
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>>> Alan,
>>> In looking at the WriteLog Keyboard Shortcuts commands it appears there
>>> are
>>> several related to headphone switching.
>>> RadioHeadphonesLatch
>>> RadioHeadphonesNormal
>>> RadioHeadphonesReverseToggle
>>> RadioHeadphonesSplit
>>> RadioHeadphonesSplitToggle
>>> In the WL Help manual click on Index and then type in "rad" and the Index
>>> will show the various Help topics for these commands.
>>> 73,
>>> Gary AL9A
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Alan Maenchen
>>> Sent: July 04, 2013 10:36 AM
>>> To: writelog at contesting.com
>>> Subject: [WriteLog] SO2R audio switching option from keyboard ??
>>> I've finally got the station back into operational condition again. Have
>>> not been able to move the hills to my east, but other than that, stuff
>>> works.
>>> I'm playing with SO2R (again) and I think I've finally got the
>>> filters/stubs playing well enough .. with some exceptions.
>>> I'm using a microHAM MK2R box for control.  WL has the ability to switch
>>> headphone audio between R1 only, R2 only, or both.
>>> What I want is to control those switches directly from the keyboard ..
>>> mapping them to some unused keys like [  ] \  or maybe some other
>>> combination.  Unfortunately, I don't know the WL commands to do that.
>>>  Are
>>> there any?  I do NOT like the split/normal function in WL or the 'reverse
>>> toggle' since they follow the TX focus window in some fashion, and mute
>>> the
>>> TX side tone. I want direct and absolute control, just like pushing the
>>> button on the MK2R box.  Is there a way to do that?  Allowing WL to think
>>> for me usually winds up with a QLF problem. Saving a keystroke here or
>>> there is not a viable solution. I can type just fine, thank you.
>>> Thanks,  & 73, Alan  AD6E
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