[WriteLog] Need advice on Writelog installation conventions on Windo

Wayne, W5XD w5xd at writelog.com
Mon Jul 8 14:15:22 EDT 2013

Regarding Win7 installation of WL. I think I have posted something like
this in the past, but I'll repeat.

What WriteLog is designed to do on Windows 7 (and 6 for that matter) 
is to leave UAC turned ON.
It MUST be installed as an Admin (as all installs must be with UAC ON).

And it should install into
	C:\Program Files (x86)\WriteLog
...or a similarly protected directory. I substitute D: for C: on my
systems because of a small-ish C drive.

I do NOT recommend disabling UAC for WL either from the Windows 7
systerm, nor by installing it into an uncontrolled directory.

I recommend WL be run for normal contest operations using a NON-admin
(Not specific to WriteLog: You really, really do NOT want to be running WL
web browsers or anything else in admin mode these days. You only want to
on admin when you KNOW you need to.)

But the country files, etc. are in admin-only directories. How to upgrade
A)You can login as an admin and run the "Convert CTY to WL" and use its
Download button.

B)When logged in as a non-admin, you can run "Convert CTY to WL" with a 
right mouse "run as administrator". For reasons that escape me right now,
my Win7 does NOT offer "run as admin" with a right mouse from the Start
Menu, but DOES offer it when I use File Manager to Right mouse on
the ReaCty32.exe file in Program Files. It is also a one-time operation to
create your
own shortcut while in the non-admin account to the ReaCty32.exe and then
update that shortcut's properties/Advanced to "run as admin".
(It also escapes me right now why I have not built the ReaCty32.exe 
to use UAC to insist on being run only as an admin. I know it does
not do that now, and I know I have considered this, but I cannot remember
why I did not. I think I will try this in a beta test.)

The main WL executable has a "File/Web Update..." button that immediately
fails when run as non-admin. The solution is the same as for the country
Files. Either login as admin and run WL from there, or right mouse,
"run as administrator" when in the user account. On my Win7 system,
my main WriteLog V11 icone DOES offer a "run as admin" (I have no idea
Why this one does and Convert CTY does not).

The WriteLog start menu has a Edit WriteLog.ini button that "knows" 
Where the virtual store is for WriteLog.ini. (Note that different
user login accounts have DIFFERENT writelog.in files under UAC.)
This start menu button is, I believe, broken if you have turned
system UAC off.

Wayne, W5XD

>On Win 7 you absolutely can not store writelog.ini in c:\windows. All
>writes from non-admin users are forbidden and even reads get redirected to
>c:\users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows. I built a shortcut
>to that ridiculous path name and put it on my desktop. I can edit
>writelog.ini there easily and yes, changes persist. That's also where
>wl.exe stores writelog.ini when it exits, of course. I can live with this.
>It's having to switch back and forth between user and admin IDs and having
>to move around the results of Convert CTY that aggravates me. Some of this
>is Windows 7 silliness and I believe some is inconsistent or inadequate
>path name management in writelog functions and utilities.
>On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 11:13 AM, AL9A <al9a at mtaonline.net> wrote:
>> I don't have Win7 on my PC, but since WL is installed in the root
>> directory the Virtual store path is not a problem. Check for your
>> writelog.ini file at C:Windows.  If the file is there check that it is
>> correct one by making a small change in some parameter and see if that
>> change is in effect when you start WL. Or setup a new keyboard shortcut
>> WL then save configuration and save the log file. Now check the ini file
>> and see If the new shortcut is shown in the shortcuts section. If so,
>> is your active ini file.
>> 73,
>> Gary AL9A
>Rick Tavan N6XI
>Truckee, CA

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