[WriteLog] jCabrillo for Field Day

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Wed Jul 17 02:49:24 EDT 2013


The Cabrillo option is grayed out on my WL too.  I checked my log submission 
from 2011 and I had exported a dif spreadsheet format to edit into a 
submission for ARRL.  Their web site now indicates Cabrillo format for all 
electronic submitted logs, but was not the case until recently - this year? 
Prior Field Day contests just needed a list of stations worked.

The solution is to download the adif2cabr converter program from Marek 
SP7DQR at www.sp7dqr.waw.pl/en/converters.php. This is a great little 
utility and I have used it often to produce Cabrillo format files from WL 
contest modules that don't have that option enabled.  I think Steve will 
need to update the Field Day module for future use to make the Cabrillo 
output active.

Gary AL9A

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I'm trying to create a Cabrillo file for a Field Day log and the Cabrillo
menu item is grayed out.  WriteLog version 11.10G.  Is this normal or is
there a problem with my installation?


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