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Hi Gary:

FIELD DAY doesn't require Cabrillo logs - dupe sheets are fine for the submission.  According to the 2013 rules, http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Field-Day/2013/2013%20Rules.pdf: An attached list of stations worked by band/mode during the Field Day period 
(dupe sheet or an alpha/numeric list sorted by band and mode);


8.7. Cabrillo format log files are not required for Field Day entries. They will be accepted in lieu of 
the dupe sheets but do not substitute for a summary sheet.

You don't have to generate Cabrillo logs though they are acceptable instead of the dupe sheets.  We submitted dupe sheets for CW/SSB and satellite and a Cabrillo log for Digital since that was easier.


Mark, KD4D

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The Cabrillo option is grayed out on my WL too.  I checked my log submission 
from 2011 and I had exported a dif spreadsheet format to edit into a 
submission for ARRL.  Their web site now indicates Cabrillo format for all 
electronic submitted logs, but was not the case until recently - this year? 
Prior Field Day contests just needed a list of stations worked.

Gary AL9A

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