[WriteLog] Problem with Packet Spots window in SS multiplier module

Edward H Russell ehr at qrv.com
Mon Nov 4 12:53:44 EST 2013

Hi Jeff,


That's what I guessed. However since the option is there, it would be great
to be able to select to see only the spots in the current band. Not such a
big deal at low cycle when the upper bands are dead. But now, there are too
many spots! Also some multi stations have band change limits.


Ed w2rf


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On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 6:08 AM, Edward H Russell <ehr at qrv.com
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When I set the Packet Spots window to In Band and Follow Me, there were no
restrictions. All spots were displayed. I tried everything I could think of,
but couldn't get it to work. Anyone else see this?

Ed w2rf


hi Ed - This is from memory, but I recall that - because the SS is a work
the station only once in the whole contest on any band, "In band" is set up
such that the "band" is 1.8 to 29.7. I tried playing with this a while ago
and just ended up breaking it with everything I tried. Maybe something has
changed since then but that's what I found. - jeff wk6i

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