[WriteLog] ICOM 7600 WL bandmap zerobeating

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The trick is to set the Writelog CW Receiver to the CW off-set that you like to hear.  I think the default is 600 HZ but I prefer 750 HZ.
You have to make an entry in the Writelog.ini file like below:

CW_RECV_FREQ=750  Set it for whatever you frequency is.

THEN you have to set the CW Off-set in your IC-7600.  You might have to look at the manual, but on most of the newer Icoms you press and hold
the "Filter button" while in the CW Mode.  You can then adjust your rigs off-set to match Writelog offset.  

Then if you use the CW Receiver to "tune-in" a station, you will be zero beat,  if you click on a spot, then it should be right on freq.
hope this helps?

Joe K0BX

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Subject: [WriteLog] ICOM 7600 WL bandmap zerobeating

On this weekend CW contest.

I remarked on the Writelog bandmap that when I left clic on a yellow
underline call, when I TRX I am a liitle off of his frequency, and I must
readjust for few cycles the VFO.

What is the procedure to zero beat as much as possible the icom 7600 to be
as close as possible of the bandmap  and other station freq.

Gilles VE2LX



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