[WriteLog] CW PTT Delay Microham MKII Keyer

Jim N7US jim at n7us.net
Mon Nov 25 20:21:56 EST 2013

I have an unused WinKeyer USB v.23 as well as a MKII.

Would it make sense to use the WinKeyer USB, specifying that unit's COM port
instead of MH Router's CW port in the logging program?

To do that, would I configure MH Router to use QSK for CW and connect the
Winkeyer's PTT line in parallel with the one from the MKII?

73, Jim N7US

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micro2R (and MK2R+) use WinKey 2 (either v.21, v.22 or v.23 depending on age
of the unit).  There is a substantial difference among v.10,
v.21/22 and v.23 in the way WinKey PTT operates. Please refer to the K1EL
documentation (www.k1el.com) for your particular WinKey version and do not
expect the same behavior in all versions of WinKey.

The primary differences between V.10 and v.21/22 are that v.21/22 does not
have a minimum 1 word space (7 dit) PTT tail.  With v.10 the tail is 1 word
space *plus* the value set (1, 1.33, 1.66, or 2.00 wordspace or a fixed n ms
delay) while v.21/22 uses only the set value.  The main difference between
v.21/22 and v.23 is that v.23 uses "look ahead"
and will not hold PTT on a space in an ASCII input (F-key) if there is no
character after the space.

Note: due to the differences in the integrated circuits, MK, MK II and DK II
can not be updated from WinKey (v.10) to WinKey 2.


    ... Joe, W4TV

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