[WriteLog] CW PTT Delay Microham MKII Keyer

Joe Subich, W4TV lists at subich.com
Mon Nov 25 15:42:28 EST 2013

micro2R (and MK2R+) use WinKey 2 (either v.21, v.22 or v.23 depending
on age of the unit).  There is a substantial difference among v.10,
v.21/22 and v.23 in the way WinKey PTT operates. Please refer to the
K1EL documentation (www.k1el.com) for your particular WinKey version
and do not expect the same behavior in all versions of WinKey.

The primary differences between V.10 and v.21/22 are that v.21/22 does
not have a minimum 1 word space (7 dit) PTT tail.  With v.10 the tail
is 1 word space *plus* the value set (1, 1.33, 1.66, or 2.00 wordspace
or a fixed n ms delay) while v.21/22 uses only the set value.  The
main difference between v.21/22 and v.23 is that v.23 uses "look ahead"
and will not hold PTT on a space in an ASCII input (F-key) if there is
no character after the space.

Note: due to the differences in the integrated circuits, MK, MK II
and DK II can not be updated from WinKey (v.10) to WinKey 2.


    ... Joe, W4TV

On 11/25/2013 3:11 PM, K6UFO Mark Aaker wrote:
> I want PTT to hold during F-key messages, but quickly return to receive
> without any "hang time" so I can hear the prompt response. Here's what
> I found works. I'm using Writelog to a Microham micro2r to a Kenwood TS-590s.
> First I get Full Break-in keying working across all three.
> The radio is set to Full Break-in.
> The microham router, on the PTT&ACC tab, uncheck both:
>    Use Winkey PTT and
>    Generate PTT output.
> In Writelog, Setup Ports...,
> Port Setup tab: Comm PPT is NO for all radios.
> CW PTT tab, PTT Control is None(e.g. QSK).
> Now Full Break-in keying works during F-key messages.
> If you don't have Full Break-in, you still have "hang delay" somewhere.
> Now I can change the settings on one at a time to see the effect, and see
> if its what I want. What works for me is:
> Leave radio on Full Break-in.
> In microham router, check Generate PTT output.
> The minimum delay settings: PTT tail "1.00 wordspace, 0 ms", will only apply
> if I ALSO check "Use Winkey PTT."
> In Writelog, PTT Control to "On LPT pin 16/COMM RTS".
> Now I have PTT held during F-key messages, and it drops quickly at end when
> Writelog releases PTT. I can switch back to Full Break-in either in Writelog
> (PTT Control is None), or in microham router (un-check Generate PTT output).
> Paddle will be Full-break-in unless I ALSO check "Use Winkey PTT."
> If I need longer delays on paddle or at end of messages, I can also check
> Use Winkey PTT and increase the PTT tail to "1.00 wordspace, 300 ms". I rarely
> use the paddle, so I usually do not check "Use Winkey PTT."
> K6UFO Mark
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