[WriteLog] Cannot Configure ver 11.16G for CW

John W. Tipka w8ul at insight.rr.com
Sat Apr 19 18:29:58 EDT 2014

Upgrade from WinXP to Win 7 32bit. WL  placed in C:\Writelog.

K1EL Keyer - Virtual port COM2

Elecraft K3 w/ Microham router 8.4.6 w/WL_11.16G. Microham MicrokeyerII
WL configures correctly for FSK w/ XMMT.ocx/MMTTY/2Tone. Standalone
MMTTY is correctly configured.

A change from FSK RTTY w/clones to CW is unsuccessful.
Procedure used:
1) RTTYRITE 2Tone window is closed. RTTYRITE 'TU type' menu selected.
2) "Sound Board AFSK" selected. (XMMT.ocx is now unchecked)
3) RTTY Control Panel disappears.
4) Select RTTYRITE Mode menu, select "CW" (45 baud (60 WPM) Baudot now 
5) Select RTTYRITE Port menu, select "None" (No change from RTTY setting)
6) CW-Rttyrite and the Writelog CW Receiver now open.

Pitch range of WL CW Receiver set in range of same pitch as K3.
Received WPM within range set in configuration.





HOWEVER, no audio waveforms are displayed on Writelog CW Receiver. No 
signals demodulated.

What have I forgotten to do? Any help is appreciated.

73 John W8UL

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