[WriteLog] W1AW/KL7 setup

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Mon Apr 28 02:08:07 EDT 2014

I'm beginning to setup my software to operate as a W1AW/KL7 station next 
June.  I'm going to be running WriteLog as my logging software using the 
DXpediton module.  This will serve me well for CW, RTTY and SSB.  However, I 
would also like to be configured to do PSK from WriteLog should that mode be 
needing an operator.  I have never run PSK from WriteLog before so am 
looking for some help in getting Router setup for my MK II to be able to run 

I just configured the Mode in the Rttyrite window to be PSK instead of CW. 
Right now the Port is set to None.  When I set my IC-7600 to USB-D1 and try 
to send WL transmits a DVK audio wave file instead of the macro messages in 
the CW buffers, which is where I would expect WL to look for PSK macro 
strings.  So what do I need to change configuration wise?  Do I need to 
create a virtual port in router and assign that port in Rttyrite?  Do I need 
to change a setting in one of the DATA MODS in the IC-7600?  If so, what 
should I use, MIC, ACC, MIC/ACC, or USB [B]?  I've checked the WriteLog 
Setup Help file for the MK II, but it makes no mention of the PSK mode.  Any 
ideas most welcome!

Gary AL9A 

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