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Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Wed Apr 30 17:25:16 EDT 2014

Problem solved!  As a follow up to my original post below I just wanted to 
pass along the solution to the PSK problem I was having and to thank those 
who stepped up to the plate with suggestions and advice, namely WriteLog 
support from Steve N9OH and Wayne W5XD, and our old buddy Joe W4TV who 
really provided the info leading to the solution.

My PSK problem in WL was identified as a problem with the WL rig driver for 
my IC-7600 which didn't recognize the USB-D1 mode.  When the rig driver saw 
the "USB" in USB-D1 it defaulted to the USB mode and sent audio wave files 
rather than text macros.  Wayne and Steve suggested I bypass the rig driver 
and manually put WL into FSK mode.  That both fixed the TX problem and 
identified the rig driver as being the culprit in not being able to send PSK 
under USB-D1, but left me without rig control when running PSK.

Tada, Joe to the rescue.  He suggested forgetting USB-D1 and instead use 
LSB-D1.  In WL there is a setting under Bands called "LSB is really FSK". 
By checking that option WL correctly sends the macro text in the CW/RTTY 
buffers as PSK text.  This "fix" also let me stay connected to my Com port 
for rig control.  So now I am a happy camper.

I learned some more about WL in this exercise too.  The PSK ability is 
really part of the FSK routines in WL.  If you configure the RttyRite "TU 
type"for "Sound Board AFSK" and set the "Mode" to BPSK, WL will transmit the 
text in the CW/RTTY buffers fine as long as it thinks the radio is in LSB, 
which it then treats as FSK.  The RttyRite window decodes both the TX and RX 
text the same as it does for CW or RTTY, including the highlighting of calls 
from Super Check Partial.  Also, when in PSK you can use the RTTY commands 
in the macros to perform tasks with the PSK macros, such as %E to drop PTT, 
%R to send CR/LF, %L to log the QSO, etc.  The big difference IN running PSK 
in WL is the PSK Control window.  There is no "waterfall" display, but the 
display looks very much like the CW control window.  Instead of trace lines 
the various frequencies in the pass band show aS wave forms, the stronger 
signals being taller and wider.  A mouse click to rough tune to a wave form 
followed by a couple of tweak clicks in the PSK Control window to fine tune 
the RX frequency is all that is needed to see the decoded text printing in 
the RttyRite screen.

Don't know if I will actually be assigned to run PSK in the W1AW/KL7 
operations, but if I am I will be ready with the logging software and the 

Gary AL9A

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I'm beginning to setup my software to operate as a W1AW/KL7 station next
June.  I'm going to be running WriteLog as my logging software using the
DXpediton module.  This will serve me well for CW, RTTY and SSB.  However, I
would also like to be configured to do PSK from WriteLog should that mode be
needing an operator.  I have never run PSK from WriteLog before so am
looking for some help in getting Router setup for my MK II to be able to run

I just configured the Mode in the Rttyrite window to be PSK instead of CW.
Right now the Port is set to None.  When I set my IC-7600 to USB-D1 and try
to send WL transmits a DVK audio wave file instead of the macro messages in
the CW buffers, which is where I would expect WL to look for PSK macro
strings.  So what do I need to change configuration wise?  Do I need to
create a virtual port in router and assign that port in Rttyrite?  Do I need
to change a setting in one of the DATA MODS in the IC-7600?  If so, what
should I use, MIC, ACC, MIC/ACC, or USB [B]?  I've checked the WriteLog
Setup Help file for the MK II, but it makes no mention of the PSK mode.  Any
ideas most welcome!

Gary AL9A

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