[WriteLog] 2Tone version problems

Jay WS7I ws7ik7tj at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 19:27:06 EDT 2014

Working here on the latest Writelog and the latest 2Tone as well.  I 
would guess and guess is the fact.

Try grabbing Microsoft C++ versions.  I have 2005-2010 all installed due 
to many programs.  XP here
and 11.22c.

Jay WS7I

On 8/11/2014 3:13 PM, Bill Brooks wrote:
> I am unable to run any 2Tone version with Writelog after 13.04a. I get a
> Microsoft error message about: *2Tone RTTY by by G3YYD has encountered a
> problem and needs to close...etc.*
> I have cleaned out the Writelog.ini file and installed and uninstalled etc.
> I have tried several of the upgrades including 13.xx and 14.xx and nothing
> works past 13.04a.
> I'm running XP and  Writelog 11.22c.
> Anyone else had this happen? Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Bill, KE5OG

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