[WriteLog] 2Tone 14.08c keying

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Thu Aug 14 15:37:06 EDT 2014

Just downloaded 2Tone 14.08c from Don's web site and it appears there is 
still a problem.  The main 2Tone window set to 14.08c will key the radio, 
but it's not using the MKII as I don’t see the text being sent printing on 
the MKII LCD.  Also both of my 2tone clone windows don't print what is being 
sent as they used to.

In checking all my settings I notice that on the 2Tone Settings window in 
the Transmit Setting box the selection is the first one in the list, 
Speakers (SB Xtreme Audio Notebook) which is a slot mounted sound card on my 
PC.  If I select Headset Earphone (3-microHAM CODEC), which is my normal 
setting, and then click OK, the Transmit Setting box does not retain my 
CODEC selection, but jumps back to the first one in the list.  I cannot make 
the microHAM CODEC the selection to use for TX.

Looks like I'll be going back the MMTTY and XMMT and 2Tone still has some 
issues, at least for me.

Gary AL9A 

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