[WriteLog] Elecraft K3 function keys / macros with WriteLog

Georgens, Tom Tom.Georgens at netapp.com
Wed Aug 20 14:26:49 EDT 2014

I use this functionality extensively, including the DVK

For RIT up and Down, these are the commands I use



I do not have my  older ini files on this computer but this is what I used for WRTC.  WRTC was dual mode and I did not want to send K3 DVK commands when on CW so I mapped them to other keys.  I have used the standard function keys in the past and the K3 DVK works identically as if you were using the internal sound card.   Hopefully the following gives you the idea.  I can see if I have the actual old ini files that work with the function keys.   Note that the K3 cannot transmit and record at the same time.



Also, make sure that Writelog is actually finding the .ini file

Good Luck

Tom W2SC

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I've been trying program keyboard macros or commands for my Elecraft K3 with no success.  I've read a number of posts on this reflector, the WriteLog documentation, and the K3 documentation for months now but still no joy.  I have the feeling that I'm just missing one little thing.

Except for my attempts to program function keys, WriteLog and the K3 are quite happy together.  For example, I can click on a spot in WriteLog and the radio tunes correctly.
Similarly, I can spin the tuning knob and the WriteLog band map tracks correctly.

I can also use the Command Tester feature of the Elecraft K3 Utility to send commands to the K3 which are executed correctly.

I'm using Windows 7 and my writelog.ini file is C:\Windows\writelog.ini

The portion of my WriteLog.ini file with the commands is:


These commands are RIT Off and RIT On. I'm using these for testing as they are very simple and I can see the RIT LED switch off/on on the K3.

I'm using the Setup->Keyboard Shortcuts... window to link keyboard functions to the K3 macros, namely:

F01 -> Rig1Command(10)
F02 -> Rig1Command(11)
F03 -> RigKbdCommand(10)
F04 -> RigKbdCommand(11)

but none of these work.My goal is to record my CQ message on the K3 DVR and program WriteLog to send it but all I have so far is frustration.

Any ideas out there on what I'm missing?

Thanks & 73,

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