[WriteLog] Elecraft K3 function keys / macros for WriteLog

Ed Herbrechtsmeier ed2000 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 17:54:22 EDT 2014

I've been trying program keyboard macros or commands for my
Elecraft K3 with no success.  I've read a number of posts
on this reflector, the WriteLog documentation, and the K3
documentation for months now but still no joy.  I have the
feeling that I'm just missing one little thing.

Except for my attempts to program function keys, WriteLog
and the K3 are quite happy together.  For example, I can
click on a spot in WriteLog and the radio tunes correctly.
Similarly, I can spin the tuning knob and the WriteLog
band map tracks correctly.

I can also use the Command Tester feature of the
Elecraft K3 Utility to send commands to the K3 which are
executed correctly.

I'm using Windows 7 and my writelog.ini file
is C:\Windows\writelog.ini

The portion of my WriteLog.ini file with the commands is:


These commands are RIT Off and RIT On. I'm using these
for testing as they are very simple and I can see the
RIT LED switch off/on on the K3.

I'm using the Setup->Keyboard Shortcuts... window to link
keyboard functions to the K3 macros, namely:

F01 -> Rig1Command(10)
F02 -> Rig1Command(11)
F03 -> RigKbdCommand(10)
F04 -> RigKbdCommand(11)

but none of these work.My goal is to record my CQ message
on the K3 DVR and program WriteLog to send it but all
I have so far is frustration.

Any ideas out there on what I'm missing?

Thanks & 73,

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