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Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sat Jan 25 20:10:07 EST 2014


You need to set up a Preset; that will retain your settings.  Get your CW 
delay settings configured the way you want them to be.  Then go to the 
router menu bar and click on Preset/Save As.  Pick from the list of 12 
possible name positions and give it a name that makes sense to you.  If you 
use different software programs, i.e., various loggers, MMTTY, FLdigi, etc., 
make a Preset for each of them with the CW settings you want.

Gary AL9A

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From: Courtney Judd
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this question still pertains to the CW delay when using writelog with
microHam router. The problem has been solved by unchecking on PTT in
device router 8.5.0 the PA PTT, LNA PTT and Sound card PTT, and setting
PTT tail to 1.33 wordspace. This solves the problem but now  would like
to know how to keep these settings as every time i boot up the computer
these settings have reverted back to checked and cw delay is back. I
have clicked on on Store as Power up settings on the Device tab, but
that doesn't store these settings. I know that it is not much to change
these settings every time but I would think that these could be set to
stay for the way i want? Any Ideas? thanks, Cort K4WI
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