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Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sun Nov 9 19:22:13 EST 2014


According to the CC User Telnet Cluster window N0VD-7 is running DX Spider 
as his cluster software.  K5NA is not even in the cluster choices in CC User 
so I have no idea what he is running.  I suspect it is a matter of the 
capabilities of the various cluster software packages out there and how each 
individual cluster sys op has his package configured.  You could contact the 
sys op to see if there might be other options they could use or other 
cluster software they might recommend

I would highly recommend the VE7CC-1 CC Cluster and its associated CC User 
software interface.  It's a really great package.  Info can be found at 
http://www.bcdxc.org/ve7cc/default.htm#prog and additional about the latest 
V3 beta software is at http://www.bcdxc.org/ve7cc/Ver3/V3Help.htm.  It's 
free and Lee does a great job of support.

Gary AL9A

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From: Richard Thorne
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Hi Gary,

I knew that clusters do not spot by sections, but people do indicate the
section in the comments section of the spot they send.  The cluster I
was connected to sent what appeared to be a bunch of garbage in the
packet terminal window.  It was actually good information but it was all
condensed together with carrot marks separating the different information.

I was playing around by connecting to different telnet's and found one
that's relatively close to me that sends out the information so I can
read it easily in the packet terminal window.

Here's what the packet terminal window show's when I'm connected to
N0VD-7  (not exactly as I did a cut and pasted and it changed a bit):

  21107.1  JR4OZR                 9-Nov-2014
2200Z                                <AB1J>
  18145.0  9Y4D                    9-Nov-2014 2149Z  59 in
Ohio                   <W4HLD>
  18160.5  W1AW/7             9-Nov-2014
2200Z                               <N4YJF>
  28310.0  W4V                     9-Nov-2014 2200Z  veterans day spec
event SC  <KI4LXH>
   7047.2  IW1AYD                 9-Nov-2014 2159Z
RTTY                         <RM3DA>
   7010.0  BG9MFY               9-Nov-2014
2159Z                              <SM5ATP>
  21280.9  KH2L                    9-Nov-2014
2159Z                                <W9WI>
  18102.0  KB2DAB              9-Nov-2014 2159Z  JT65 Tu Phil
NJ===>CA         <W4EG>
  21286.5  W1AW/P/7        9-Nov-2014 2159Z  heard in
AL                  <N4GNO>
  21286.6  W1AW/7           9-Nov-2014
2159Z                                <W9WI>

Here's what it looks like when I connect to K5NA.net:

N5ZC de K5NA 09-Nov 2204Z arc6>
AR17^1^7161.0^VE2CSI^09-Nov-2014^2204Z^Tks for Qso,
AR17^1^7087.0^ON4PTC/P^09-Nov-2014^2204Z^Special Event WW

The information is there, but not nearly as easy to read as the output
of N0VD.

I'm curious if different nodes are running different software or if this
is a setup issue with each individual node.  Something has changed with
clusters and I'm obviously not keeping up.

Rich - N5ZC

On 11/9/2014 3:49 PM, Gary Senesac wrote:
> Packet clusters do not spot by sections, but by state.  Because of this WL 
> does not treat any calls in the SS contests as "mults", they are just 
> spots.  I use the AR User cluster software by VE7CC which allows you to 
> set up alarms by state.  I do this, usually on Sunday, to help spot any 
> missing states/provinces I still need.  But again, it just alarms on 
> states, so if you need NNY the best you can do is set an alarm for NY and 
> then check out what shows up.  Once you've worked the missing section 
> delete the alarm to prevent further false notifications.
> Gary AL9A
> Sent from my Kindle HDX
> On November 9, 2014, at 11:19AM, Richard Thorne wrote:
> I've noticed during SS last weekend, that the packet cluster information
> in the packet terminal window was not very clean.  In other words it was
> a bunch of information separated by carrot marks.
> This makes it difficult to determine which section was spotted in the
> comment section.
> Is this the way the packet clusters are working now, or does it depend
> which node I connect to?
> Thanks
> Rich - N5ZC
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