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Jim N7US jim at n7us.net
Sun Nov 9 19:30:51 EST 2014

I recently became aware of a capability of AR Cluster V6, which is the
set/dx/extension command. If you connect to a V6 node and issue the command
"set/dx/extension section" the section of many spotted stations will be
included in the comments of the spot.

As far as I know, neither Writelog nor N1MM utilize this capability yet.

I use VE7CC's CC User software too.  The ARC V6 nodes are included in the CC
User node list, one of which is W9PA-4.

I asked Terry, AB5K, AR Cluster developer, where he gets the information for
the set/extension command.  He said it comes from the CTY file and a
customer database built into ARC6.

Documentation of ARC V6 commands is at .

73, Jim N7US

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Packet clusters do not spot by sections, but by state.  Because of this WL
does not treat any calls in the SS contests as "mults", they are just spots.
I use the AR User cluster software by VE7CC which allows you to set up
alarms by state.  I do this, usually on Sunday, to help spot any missing
states/provinces I still need.  But again, it just alarms on states, so if
you need NNY the best you can do is set an alarm for NY and then check out
what shows up.  Once you've worked the missing section delete the alarm to
prevent further false notifications.

Gary AL9A
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On November 9, 2014, at 11:19AM, Richard Thorne wrote:

I've noticed during SS last weekend, that the packet cluster information in
the packet terminal window was not very clean.  In other words it was a
bunch of information separated by carrot marks.

This makes it difficult to determine which section was spotted in the
comment section.

Is this the way the packet clusters are working now, or does it depend which
node I connect to?


Rich - N5ZC

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