[WriteLog] Bandmap and Timed CQ issues

Ed Muns ed at w0yk.com
Sun Oct 5 09:22:03 EDT 2014

Randy K5ZD wrote:
I am using FSK keyed through two serial ports.  I am using the W5XD MK1100
keyer for the audio switching.  PTT is set to none. Not sure how PTT is set
by WL when using FSK.

[Ed Muns]  The FSK and PTT signals are both generated on the same COM port
that you specify for FSK.  The "COMM Port PTT" setting in the WriteLog Ports
window should be set to 'NO' for any other ports.

Randy K5ZD wrote:
I am running 2Tone as the primary decoder. But, I have seen this same issue
with both 2Tone and WL's Rttyrite.

[Ed Muns] There are four ways you can generate FSK/PTT when using 2Tone as
your decoder:
	1.  2Tone's FSK facility
	2.  One of Rttyrite's three FSK choices:
		a.  Software generated FSK TxD
		b.  Software generated FSK DTR
		c.  Hardware generated FSK
I use 2.a. and MMTTY as my primary decoder, but I've used all the other
three options, including MMTTY's internal FSK feature.  In tens of thousands
of SOnR RTTY QSOs, I've never experienced the problem described at the
beginning of this thread.  However, my radio interlock is run over the
network because I use one PC per radio.  Maybe this is only an issue with
single-PC SO2R?


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