[WriteLog] Bandmap and Timed CQ issues

Dean St. Hill dmsthill at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 13:42:49 EDT 2014

I will try a couple ideas based on what has gone before.

Interestingly I used to do SO2R for rtty with homebrewed FSK devices using
com ports to drive them - simple transistor/resistor circuit. I then used
two computers as well with the network supported lock-out.

When I checked, I did realise that in the uHam device router I had another
com port defined for PTT. This may have been the issue. I think this crept
in while trying to trouble-shoot some other problem. I will confirm results
later today.

Dean - 8P6SH

On Sun, Oct 5, 2014 at 9:22 AM, Ed Muns <ed at w0yk.com> wrote:

> Randy K5ZD wrote:
> I am using FSK keyed through two serial ports.  I am using the W5XD MK1100
> keyer for the audio switching.  PTT is set to none. Not sure how PTT is set
> by WL when using FSK.
> [Ed Muns]  The FSK and PTT signals are both generated on the same COM port
> that you specify for FSK.  The "COMM Port PTT" setting in the WriteLog
> Ports
> window should be set to 'NO' for any other ports.
> Randy K5ZD wrote:
> I am running 2Tone as the primary decoder. But, I have seen this same issue
> with both 2Tone and WL's Rttyrite.
> [Ed Muns] There are four ways you can generate FSK/PTT when using 2Tone as
> your decoder:
>         1.  2Tone's FSK facility
>         2.  One of Rttyrite's three FSK choices:
>                 a.  Software generated FSK TxD
>                 b.  Software generated FSK DTR
>                 c.  Hardware generated FSK
> I use 2.a. and MMTTY as my primary decoder, but I've used all the other
> three options, including MMTTY's internal FSK feature.  In tens of
> thousands
> of SOnR RTTY QSOs, I've never experienced the problem described at the
> beginning of this thread.  However, my radio interlock is run over the
> network because I use one PC per radio.  Maybe this is only an issue with
> single-PC SO2R?
> Ed W0YK
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